Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary Welcomes You!

In 1985, Maharashtra Government declared the 130 sq. Km of forest area as a Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary to protect the endemic and specialized flora and fauna. The sanctuary is home to Shekru - Malabar Giant squirrel - state animal of Maharashtra. The sanctuary encomapsses about 14 ‘Devrais’ or sacred groves in local parlance. A devrai is a forested patch preserved as sacred by the villagers in order to safeguard the endemic species of flora and fauna and most importantly, water sources.

Nesteled on the crest of the Western Ghats - Sahyadris, at an altitude of 2100 to 3000 feet, the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in biodiversity and is therefore identified as an Important Bird Area by the Bird Life International. Bhimashankar receives an annual rainfall of 6000mm and is an important catchment area for the rivers Bhima and Ghod that flow downstream in to Krishna.


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